After making fame on The Amazing Spider-Man, Todd McFarlane left Marvel Comics. He set off to co-found Image Comics and start his own comic book called Spawn. Spawn debuted in 1992, selling 1,7 million copies making it the best selling independant comic of all time. After 9 years Spawn still remains in the top 5 of best selling comics.

Also a co-founder of Image Comics, Erik Larsen brought his childhood creation The Savage Dragon back to life. Now, 9 years down the road, he steadily heads toward issue 100 making a successive run writing, penceling and inking all issues.

Savage Dragon

Sin City

Having worked for DC and Marvel Comics on titles as Daredevil and Batman, Frank Miller created his own world called Sic City. His stark black-and-white artwork has become his trademark style and many have tried to immitate it since. None even come close.

Dark Horse Comics hosts criticaly acclaimed titles as Frank Millers' Sin City, Mike Mignola's Hellboy and Arthur Adams' Monkeyman & O'Brien. It has long outgrown the status of 'Marvel's little brother in comics'.

Dark Horse

Sam Kieth

Sam Kieth's weird stories and superb artwork have always kept his fans gasping for more. Once inside Kieth's world there is no escape. After his run on The Maxx, Sam Kieth left comics and no-one knew if and when he would pop up again. Now, after years he's back with more wierdness and top-notch art, doing Zero Girl for DC.

Comic industry's big shot, Marvel Comics hosts well-know titles such as Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men and The Incredible Hulk.



In the Old days DC formed 'the big 2' in comic publishing together with Marvel. DC publishes classic super hero tales starring, among others, Batman and Superman.

Founded in 1992 by six hot-shot artists leaving Marvel, Image Comics has grown to become one of the biggest Comic publishers. Spawn - with it's numerous spin-offs, Savage Dragon, Pitt and WildC.A.T.S are some of the top selling titles published by Image.