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The Prick

Real name: Dick Rosewater
Date of birth: 11/17/1974
Place of birth: Spatula City
Hight: 1,76m
Weight: 76 kg
Powers: High energy, ionizing, electromagnetic, toxic exploding burst form right hand only, causing Dicks hand to look severely burned after using his power. Being a mutant, the Prick has super-human strength and healing powers.
Costume size: s (small), $10 at HEMA's
Know relatives: Piet Rosewater (father), An Rosewater (mother), Eric Rosewater (brother), Joyce Rosewater (sister).
First apperance: THUD! #4, page 7, panel 7 (The Prick) THUD! #4, page 3, panel 2 (Dick)
Gadgets: Super powered water resistant rechargeable stainless turbo dildo, ultra stretchable fetherlite rubber condom (no lubricant) used by the Prick for swinging. Smaller versions of this rubber are sometimes used to restrain and choke the Prick's enemies. The lubricating gel (which is sold seperately with the rubbers) is used to eliminate men and machines (NOT for private pleasure).

The Commissioner

Real name: Hank Panfrik
Age: 51
Place of birth: Spatula City
Hight: 1,83m
Weight: 93 kg
Know relatives: None
First apperance: THUD! #2, page 12, panel 8
Gadgets: Walter P5 9mm action III, Johnny Walker Red Label stirred not shaken no ice, Marlboro.
Education: Kindergarten Academy, Police Academy (I-V)

Mega Nerd
The King Of Dorks

Real name: Unknown, but Mega Nerd has also been know to go by the name 'king of dorks'.
Age: 15
Place of birth: Dorking, UK
Hight: 1.65m
Weight: 62 kg
Know relatives: His mom and dad, his gran and auntie Vanessa, but she's never really noticed he exists.
First apperance: THUD! #4, cover
Gadgets: Do a slideruler and a pocketprotector count?
Origin: Being the geek of his class, Mega Nerd got his ass kicked on a regular basis. Having a strong sense of justice he always tried to talk his way out of a dispute, seeing only the good side of people. This, of course, led to more ass kicking, his ass that is. Things changed when in math class Mr. de Kort gave Mega Nerd an A- instead of the straight A's he used to score. Something snapped, and this time it weren't his glasses. Mega Nerd ran home, strapped on his mother's finest table cloth, and became the notorious crimefighter he is today.....well, sorta.

The Mysterious Dr.

Real name: The Mysterious Dr. Bananapeel
Age: Ripe
Place of birth: Brazil
Hight: about 21cm
Weight: 30 g
Know relatives: The Evil Mr. Coconutface
First apperance: THUD! #5, inside cover
Powers: Selfawareness, a devious and sinister brain and the abillity to make people slip and fall.
Origin: After a failed genetic experiment, Dr. Hubschmadchen (a gorgeous World War II nazi criminal in hiding in Brazill) throws her experiment in the trash. There, through some sort of magical/chemical process, a simple (though slightly rotting) bananapeel grows an evil brain.


Real name: Victor Prince
Age: 28
Place of birth: Spatula City
Hight: 1,72m
Weight: 87kg
Know relatives: None
First apperance: THUD! #6, page 3, panel 7
Powers : His sideburns appear to lead a lethal life of their own but Sideburnman can control them to choke or strangle his enemies.
Education: Kindergarten, Hair-dress academy
Origin: Victor's obsession with 'the perfect afro hairdo' drove him to experiment with all kinds of chemicals. He ended up mixing many different hair related products that should never have been mixed together. Driven to near insanity because he could not produce the desired result he smashed all the glass containers, spilling the dangerous mixtures all over his hands. He sat down, broken, feeling like a failure, resting his head in his hands. The chemicals on his hands made contact with his sideburns causing them to start growing at an enormous rate. Victor managed to control their behaviour and since then he uses his sideburns on wild killing sprees, killing everyone he thinks has better looking hair than him.

Red Rubber Glove Man

Real name:
Place of birth:
Weight: kg
Know relatives:
First apperance: